A Turkey Cookie Cutter Will Get You Gobbling

turkey cookie cutter front
A turkey cookie cutter is a Thanksgiving must have. It will give your guests something to gobble down (bad pun) and start a new holiday tradition.

I love using my turkey cookie cutter. It gets me in practice before the Christmas onslaught. Read on to learn more about this Thanksgiving collectible.

Turkey cookie cutter materials

A turkey cookie cutter – at least a vintage one – can be found in different materials. There are some tin ones around, which are older.

Then there are the metal ones, predominantly in aluminum and anodized. Usually an anodized aluminum turkey cookie cutter is copper colored. There are also ones made in copper.

A newer, but still vintage, turkey cookie cutter, will come in plastic.

Bear in mind that the vintage turkey cookie cutter you find today may have originally been sold as part of a set.

Turkey Cookie Cutter Manufacturers

Tupperware turkey cookie cutter

My favorite is the Tupperware turkey cookie cutter shown in the pictures. The design has nice detailing and the turkey is just the right shape – plump, but not too fat.

This cookie cutter comes in opaque red and has a handle that is easy to grip.

turkey cookie cutter back

Hallmark turkey cookie cutter

Hallmark was a huge turkey cookie cutter manufacturer and released multiple plastic designs.

Most were a full, solid piece like the Tupperware turkey cookie cutter. They came in multiple designs and colors that included brown, gold, green, red, and orange.

Hallmark also made an outline-only type of plastic turkey cookie cutter that came in orange.

HRM turkey cookie cutter

HRM manufactured several styles of plastic turkey cookie cutters. All of their turkeys that I have seen are kind of plumpish and came in the company’s trademark translucent red color.

Hutzler and Amscan

Hutzler and Amscan were other brands that also did a plastic turkey cookie cutter. Amscan made both full and outline ones.

Mirro, Cape Cod Copper Works, and other metals

Mirro’s aluminum cookie cutters are as prolific as its cookie press. The company made a turkey cookie cutter that had kind of a skinny looking tail.

Other manufacturers also made aluminum and copper-colored aluminum turkey cookie cutters during the baking extravagana years that were the 1950s.

Additionally, Cape Cod Copper Works was another metal cookie cutter manufacturer. Sometimes a vintage turkey cookie cutter from this company can be found, but it tends to be pricier than others.

Well there you go. I started out just wanting to share a picture of my turky cookie cutter but kept on writing.