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Kohner Vari-Vue TVs Are Cool Vintage Hanna Barbera Toys


Kohner Vari-Vue TVs were made in the 1960s. These are are vintage Hanna Barbera toys although you can find ones with other pictures too. (more…)

Conway Twitty Guitar Clock Find Goes to New Museum

conway twitty guitar clock

This Conway Twitty guitar clock is so unique that it has a found a home in a new museum.  (more…)

Lucketts Spring Market 2016 – My Journey To Oodles of Vintage Goodness and Mud



Lucketts Spring Market


Lucketts Spring Market is an institution and I was soooo excited for Penn Polly Vintage to be making its inaugural appearance. I had been hunting down unique “just for Lucketts” goodies for some time.  (more…)

Vintage Baseball Pennants – It’s a Collection!

vintage chicago white sox pennant

I have many vintage baseball pennants that all came from one collector! I thought I would share the greatness for you all to enjoy. (more…)

1968 Detroit Tigers World Series Pennant

1968 Detroit Tigers World Series pennant

A 1968 Detroit Tigers World Series Pennant is a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes with a photo of the team. (more…)

Dalmation Personality Beams Out Of This Vintage Collectible

dalmation personalityDalmation personality is all about joy, energy, and love. This vintage salt and pepper shaker set captures it to a tee. (more…)