Dalmation Personality Beams Out Of This Vintage Collectible

dalmation personalityDalmation personality is all about joy, energy, and love. This vintage salt and pepper shaker set captures it to a tee.

These little guys are pretty rare salt and pepper shakers too. They were made in Japan, most likely in the 50s, although they could be a bit earlier. They are so cute and their pink paws inspired me to add in some azaleas from the garden before snapping them.

When I was growing up my neighbors had a dalmation who was the neighborhood dog for a pack of kids. When I saw these adorable shakers I found myself smiling and saying “Sparky”, although I hadn’t thought of that dog in years.

Sometimes a vintage collectible captures the essence of something so well that it can bring you back.

So that’s my brief tribute to the great dalmation personality – and Sparky.