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Clean Your Vintage Revere Ware the Easy Green Way

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Starting the process of cleaning a vintage Revere Ware pot

Cleaning vintage Revere Ware pots and pans is easy, green, inexpensive, and well worth the effort given the even heating these icons of cookware produce. They’re really exceptional pieces.

I’m particularly fond of the older patent pending pieces with the thicker copper cladding, although you can still find good value in newer, vintage pieces made in the U.S.

Some kitchenistas baulk when they see brown, oxidized copper, but never fear. It takes only a few minutes to bring a copper bottom back to life.

You will need a lemon or lemon juice, salt, and soft, clean, cloth or paper towels.

I wear gloves, my reading glasses and put everything on a sheet as I have gotten overly enthusiastic with the lemon and salt spraying everywhere.

If you are using a lemon, cut one in half and sprinkle some salt on it. Start off gently rubbing the lemon following the circular edge of the cookware so that you don’t mark the pan.

You can see how easily the vintage Revere Ware cleans up

I usually have a big bottle of lemon juice from a wholesale warehouse on hand and often use that instead of the lemon. I sprinkle salt on the pan, lemon juice on the cloth, and proceed. In this instance my cleaning cloths were in the washer so I used paper towels.

While I hadn’t yet scrubbed the edges of the pot when I took the final picture, I would say it took me about two to three minutes of cleanup to get to that point.

Two minutes and your vintage Revere Ware is shiny

So there you go. Cleaning vintage Revere Ware is so easy there’s no reason not to enjoy this copper cookware that is made for the ages and the discerning cook.