Myrtle the Beetle Blow Mold Mystery

myrtle the beetle blow moldThis Myrtle the Beetle blow mold by Union Products is owned by Penn Polly Vintage reader, Laurie, who would love some additional background on her.

Most of these somewhat rare Union Product blow molds are orange and black in color. Laurie’s Myrtle is an orangish red and green. (Without seeing the two variants side-by-side it is hard to compare the orange/red on the two Myrtles and what differences can be attributed to fading.) Laurie’s version also does not have a hole in the back of bonnet for a light and appears to have spots on her back like a ladybug.

Now here’s what we do know. The Myrtle mold is definitely by Union Products. There is also a male variant, called Beetle Bug Bert. Sometimes Myrtle or Bert can found classified only as a turtle blow mold. Because of their orange and black coloration they are also sometimes just called Halloween blow molds.

union products beetle blow mold

But that is it. We don’t know when she was made, if others have seen this Myrtle without a light opening, who sculpted her, etc.

We realize this is a longshot as Myrtle is not a common blow mold – and this version is apparently even rarer. If anyone else has any additional info please let Laurie know in the comments below.

And thanks to Laurie for the photos!