Spun Glass Angel Tree Topper

spun glass angel tree topper This spun glass angel tree topper by the National Tinsel Company is so lovely that I had to share. She is from the 1930s and was in her original box.

The angel’s skirt is made from spun glass and reminds me of the marcelled hair look that was so popular back then.

National also made a Santa and halo-wearing spun glass angel tree topper that used the same style of spun glass. The latter two had shiny, colored, aluminum reflector backgrounds in the shape of a petal.

There are other tree toppers out there. Noma made one that used the straight spun glass in a halo effect. Decor Noel and Noma also had angels with a fluffy cloud look to them that are often described as spun glass. I haven’t seen either in person so don’t know if the description is accurate.

I personally favor the National tree toppers. National made their angels for many years but I am most fond of the 1930s pieces. They have five stars instead of three on the front (those are the newer versions). The one pictured  had another star on the back. The older ones also had boxes which are a display item in themselves. Just look at those graphics!

spun glass angel tree topper

A National spun glass angel tree topper truly is a thing to behold and a perfect Christmas addition whether you do the whole vintage Christmas thing like me or just add a piece here and there.