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A Turkey Cookie Cutter Will Get You Gobbling

turkey cookie cutter front
A turkey cookie cutter is a Thanksgiving must have. It will give your guests something to gobble down (bad pun) and start a new holiday tradition.

I love using my turkey cookie cutter. It gets me in practice before the Christmas onslaught. Read on to learn more about this Thanksgiving collectible. (more…)

A Vintage Cookie Press Guide

vintage cookie press discs

A vintage cookie press is a must at the holidays and just plain fun during the rest of year. Our vintage cookie press guide gives you the straight skinny on types and manufacturers. (more…)

A cow creamer is a happiness maker

cow creamer plastic
A cow creamer can make your day. Seriously. Learn why after the jump. (more…)

Yesterday’s Plastic Vintage Napkin Holder Find

I found this cheery plastic vintage napkin holder yesterday and wanted to share.

yellow plastic vintage napkin holder

The retro daisies on it are just what I was referring to in my recent vintage napkin holder guide.

The napkin holder is made out of harvest gold plastic and was made by Akrow Plastics. It matches perfectly against the original wallpaper of my friend’s period kitchen.

A Vintage Napkin Holder Guide For Collectors

orange lucite vintage napkin holder

A vintage napkin holder was a fixture in a 50s, 60s, and 70s vintage kitchen.┬áBecause they were made in such quantity, many have survived, making them affordable collectibles. But where do you start when you want to begin collecting? Read on to become a vintage napkin holder expert. (more…)