Ten vintage collectibles that can take on Hurricane Earl

vintage camping lantern

With Hurricane Earl coming those of us on the East Coast are currently giving some thought to emergency preparedness. The good news is that your vintage collectibles can lend more than a helping hand if Hurricane Earl becomes nasty or during any other potential disaster. Here are ten vintage collectibles that can really save your bacon.

1. A Vintage Camping Lantern – don’t let Hurricane Earl turn the lights off

You want to see in an emergency so pull out your vintage Coleman lantern or a vintage hurricane lamp. Just make sure all flammable materials are always stored safely and that you are careful with the open flame.

The 1950s battery-powered vintage camping lantern above is another option.

2. Vintage Gas Stove

Want to justify that gorgeous copper or red vintage Chambers stove? Well here you go. A vintage gas stove will continue firing on all cylinders if Hurricane Earl knocks your power out. The burners will even work normally because they use pilot lights, not electronic ignition. A Roper, Tappan Dougboy, Western Holly, Caloric, O’Keefe and Merritt, or any of the other vintage gas stove beauties are all good choices.

3. Vintage Coleman Cooler

vintage metal coleman cooler
That vintage Coleman cooler you have is pretty good at keeping your perishable food cool while the electricity is off. There is even a utilitarian metal 70s model that has food shelves and racks that allow it to be tied down as a mini refrigerator in your camper if you have to take to the road.

4. Vintage Can Opener

It’s no use keeping a small stockpile of emergency canned food if you can’t open it. A vintage can opener is attractive and useful. You can find them with cool red or yellow handles and there are even ones that attach to the side of your pantry or cabinets. You’ll never have to hunt for those in the dark.

5. Vintage Transistor Radio For Hurricane Earl Updates

You need a battery powered radio to know what’s happening in your area so press your vintage transistor radio collection into service. Many a vintage transistor radio can also come with shortwave or ham radio bands if you need to really be on top of things. Alternatively, last week’s yellow boombox post highlighted a vintage Sony sports radio that will resist splashes while delivering the news and a few tunes.

6. Vintage Hand Tools

Those electric power tools won’t work if the power is out. If you can’t get gasoline your chainsaw isn’t going anywhere either. Your vintage saw, vintage plane and other tools could prove invaluable whether you are cutting down that waterlogged door down to size or clearing fallen trees.

7. Vintage Glass Washboard

We all want to be clean and your vintage glass washboard and a little elbow grease will keep your clothes fresh. If you have an antique iron – most often used as a doorstop today – you can heat it up and press your clothes even if Hurricane Earl has taken out your electric steam iron.

8. Vintage Boards Games

Sometimes the worst part of losing power is keeping the kids – big and little – occupied. Let them loose on your vintage Candyland game.

9. Vintage Paper Fan

It’s hot, the ac is out and you’re just miserable. Well you knew you were keeping that vintage paper fan for a reason.

10. Vintage Windup Alarm Clock

vintage windup alarm clock travel
Sometimes our employers will open for business before our homes have the power turned back on. How do you get up on time if your clock radio’s battery backup is dead? Easy. Put that vintage windup alarm clock you have into action. You’ll be up when everyone else is oversleeping.

That’s just ten among many more. Do you have any vintage collectibles that can be part of your Hurricane Earl or emergency preparedness kit?