Thanksgiving Blow Molds – A Fresh Display Idea

thanksgiving blow molds


So you’re trotting out your Thanksgiving blow molds again. Here’s a unique display idea from Barbara, our resident Blow Mold Queen.

She was getting tired of her Thanksgiving blow mold look. There are only so many ways you can move around two vintage pilgrims, a Native American and a turkey. She needed something fresh for her display.

She and her son hatched the idea of creating a Thanksgiving table, but a blow mold-tastic one. Her son built her a size-appropriate table for the feast. Then the whole family combed stores and the internet for appropriate blow mold food – harder than you might think. Pilgrims didn’t eat cupcakes and mini canned food.

It became a family obsession. Barbara was heard to say repeatedly “why can’t I find a plastic turkey”? Lots of little, floppy rubber chickens, no large plastic turkeys. Some latitude ultimately had to be practiced with the food that made the cut.

Next Barbara and her son sliced holes and inserted lights into the food. She re-purposed an old cornucopia basket. A few candles were added to the mix.

thanksgiving blow molds idea

Everything was arranged and then glued down to the table. She and her son used hot glue and the whole Thanksgiving display has survived multiple windstorms. This is actually the second year for the display. There is an expectation that the cornucopia basket will be need to be periodically replaced. The food is still looking good in its second year.

Unfortunately I have no recommendations on which plastic food to use as the items used were randomly procured by the family.

So if you’re looking for a fresh display idea for your blow molds, here it is. Feel free to share your outdoor Thanksgiving blow mold pictures. And if you find a big plastic turkey drop me a line in the comments below. Barbara is still looking for one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!