Trendmasters Halloween Decorations – Strobie Spider and Ghost Find

trendmasters halloween decorations strobieTrendmasters Halloween decorations offer some “newer” vintage Halloween options, and I really like these Strobies that I found.A Strobie is a kitschy cute hanging Halloween decoration that dances, lights up and makes a spooky noise when you clap or touch one. Trendmasters started making this Halloween decor in 1991 with different ones produced throughout the 90s.

See my video below to watch a Strobie ghost and spider in action. There are also other variants out there including a bat, skull, and different ghost styles.

The important thing to remember is that Strobies won’t do anything except hang there if their sensors are kaput. Ideally you should see them in action. And never, ever, buy an untested one. If a seller doesn’t have two double A batteries and the gumption to test an item well….  Penn Polly signing out.