Vintage Detroit Tigers Pennant Examples

vintage detroit tigers briggs stadium pennant

A vintage Detroit Tigers pennant is, I think, more attractive than newer pennants. Just take a gander at some of these vintage baseball pennants that I recently acquired to see what I mean.

The Detroit Tigers pennant shown above features the Tiger showing ownership of Briggs Stadium. Walter Briggs bought the Tigers in 1938 and the stadium took on his last name until it was given its enduring name, Tiger Stadium, by another owner, John Fetzer in 1961. You sometimes see this Briggs Stadium vintage pennant in blue, but red is a much rarer color.

The vintage Detroit Tigers pennant below is from the 1960s and features the newer Tiger Stadium name in the lower left. There is still a protective Tiger but this one is more of a disembodied floating head above the stadium. Tiger Stadium was used by the Tigers until they moved to the present day Comerica Park. Tiger Stadium was ultimately redeveloped, and is now kept alive in vintage pennants, such as these, or old stadium artefacts.

Vintage Detroit Tiger Stadium pennant

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